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The best places to visit in Corfu, Greece

11/03/2021 by tech support

Corfu – what to see and what to do?

The best places to visit in Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
Map of Corfu Island with main resorts

Corfu or Kerkyra, certainly, is the most famous of the Ionian Islands. The island is not quite typical of Greece. Located on the western border of Greece, Corfu has been under the influence of Western Europe for centuries. For almost 400 years (1386 – 1797), Corfu was under Venetian rule. After that, Venice was replaced by France for a few years and the Ionian Academy of Fine Arts was established here on the island. From 1814 to 1864 the island was under British rule and only then it was annexed to Greece. We would like to share with you the best places to visit on Corfu Island.

The best places to visit in Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
Cape Dratis, Corfu Island

In fact, Corfu is fully surrounded by lush greenery. Centuries-old olive and cypress groves, huge orchards with oranges, pomegranates, figs, and the famous kumquat that grows only here. There are popular resorts with luxury hotels and villas and mountain villages with traditional lifestyles. There are long sandy beaches and cozy bays. The highest point of the island is Mount Pantokrator, from which you have a magnificent view of the whole island.

Corfu Old Town, top attractions

Corfu Town Greece - My Greek Holidays
The Old Town of Kerkyra, Corfu Island

The capital of the island, the city of Corfu, can be called the most elegant capital of the Greek island. As soon as you arrive here, you will immediately feel the influence of the Venetians. However, the British and French have also played their part. Narrow, winding streets with low, flower-strewn balconies lead to the majestic waterfront with palaces, colonnades, and fountains. There are so many different but at the same time harmonious elements in this city that you instantly fall in love with it.

There are enough attractions for a few days, getting around on foot. What should you see first in the capital of the island?

The Church of Saint Spyridon, Corfu Town

Corfu Town Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
The red dome of St.Spyridon church, Corfu Town

Start at the Church of St. Spyridon, the holiest site in the city. The bell tower of this church with its red dome is the tallest on the island and can be seen from far away. The church was built in 1589 in honor of the island’s patron saint, St. Spyridon. The coffin with his remains is located to the right of the altar. Four times a year (on Palm Sunday, Easter, August 11, and the first Sunday in November) the relics are carried in solemn procession through the town streets.

The Campello District, Corfu Town

Afterward, take a walk through the oldest part of the city, the Campiello district. Ancient Venetian-style houses with ropes stretched between them and clothes to dry will remind you of Italy.

Liston Street, Corfu Town

Liston Corfu Town Greece - My Greek Holidays
Liston Street, Corfu Town at night

After leaving Campiello, walk down Liston‘s stone-paved pedestrian street and enjoy your cup of coffee in one of the elegant cafes. Liston was built by the French and copies the Rue de Rivoli in Paris. In the past, only the members of aristocratic families were allowed to walk there.

Esplanade or Spianada Square, Corfu Town

Spianada Corfu Town Greece - My Greek Holidays
Palace of St. Michael and St. George, Spianada Square, Corfu Town

As you walk down, opposite Liston, you will see the huge green square which is called Esplanade (Spianada). It is the biggest square in Greece. There is a cricket field there that was designed by the British. Even today local teams play here. On the northern side of Spianada Square is situated The Palace of St. Michael and St. George, also known as the Royal Palace.  It was built in 1819-1824 by the British also. Today this neoclassical building houses the Museum of Asian Art of Corfu.

Old Fortress, Corfu Town

You cross Spianada and now you are near the Old Fortress of Corfu. The Old Fortress, or Palio Frurio, was built on the cape by the Venetians in 1550-59. From its highest point, there is a magnificent view of the town and the east coast of the island. In summer, the fortress hosts performances, concerts, and folk dance shows.

Sites to see outside the city of Corfu

If you rent a car or book an excursion, then you can discover the top attractions of Corfu island:

Villa Mon Repos, Corfu Island

South of Corfu city is Villa Mon Repos, the former residence of the Greek royal family. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was born here in 1921.

Kanoni, Vlacherna and Pontikonisi, Corfu Island

Vlacherna Pontikonisi Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
View from Kanoni to the islets of Vlacherni and Pontikonissi, Corfu Island

A little further south there is a small peninsula Kanoni, where you can photograph the most famous view of the island. You can walk along the dam to the small islet of Vlaherni with a tiny snow-white monastery. The small islet of Pontikonisi (Mouse Island) can only be reached by boat.

The best places to visit in Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
The bridge close to the Corfu airport that connects Perama with Kanoni, Corfu Island

Achillion Palace, Corfu Island

Achillion Palace Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
The garden of Achillion Palace with the statue of Achilles, Corfu Island

The magnificent Achillion Palace was built in the late 19th century for the Empress Elizabeth of Austria and was later bought by Kaiser Wilhelm II. The architectural style of the palace is described as neoclassical, then Teutonic. Some original furniture and paintings with images of Achilles have been preserved. The lush Palace garden runs down the hillside in terraces and is adorned with many statues, mostly Achilles. From here, you will enjoy the amazing panoramic view of the island. 

The best resorts and beaches in Corfu

When choosing where to stay in Corfu, keep in mind that the water temperature and the sea can be very different on the east and west coasts. The east coast runs in the Straits of Corfu or Corfu Channel, where the water warms up and is not so dependent on currents. Therefore, the sea here is warmer and calmer. The west coast is washed by the open sea. The water is cooler here, however, there is a very beautiful coastline with stunning bays.

Kommeno, Corfu Island

Best Places visit Corfu Greece - Лучшие курорты и пляжи Корфу Греция - My Greek Holidays
The peninsula of Kommeno with the Grecotel Corfu Imperial and the Grecotel Eva Palace

In fact, Kommeno is not a village. It is the most beautiful green peninsula of Corfu. Situated on thе east cоast οf the islаnd, just 12 km from Corfu Towns, Kоmmenο includes the seashorе between Gоuviа and Dassia.

Set in fabulous natural surroundings, the resort is full of exclusive accommodations, hidden аmоng the grеenery. Herе are some of thе mοst luxurious hotels and villas оn thе island with privаtе beaches avаilablе οnlу to their guests оnly. The best seа and sunrise viеw is offered by mоst οf thе acсommоdаtiοn optiоns, a couple of tavеrnаs are available but fοr grеater сhoice yоu shοuld go tо thе neаrbу Gοuvia and Dаssia wherе there arе аlso bakeries, cafеs аnd supermarкets.

The small quiet beaches of Kommeno are sandy and well-equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds. 3 of these beautiful and clean beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag. It is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the view of the picturesque chapel of Ypapantis, which is perfect for weddings.

Where to stay in Kommeno, Corfu Island

Explore the best of Komeno by staying at one of these beautiful luxury hotels:

Dassia, Corfu Island

Ikos Beach Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
Ikos Dassia Resort private beach, Corfu Island

Dassia is a popular resort town located on the east coast of the Greek island of Corfu. The town is situated approximately 12 kilometers north of the island’s capital, Corfu Town.

Dassia is known for its long and sandy beach, which stretches for several kilometers along the coastline. The beach is lined with tavernas, cafes, and restaurants, making it a great place to relax and enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. The water in Dassia is crystal clear and perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports. Dassia is also well-known for its nightlife, with a variety of bars and nightclubs catering to all tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a quiet drink with friends or a night of dancing and partying, Dassia has something to offer.

Where to stay in Dassia, Corfu Island

In Dassia, you’ll find a variety of comfortable and luxurious places to stay. Check out our picks for the finest beachfront hotels in this charming village:

Barbati, Corfu Island

Barbati Beach Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
The beach of Barbati, Corfu Island

Barbati is a beautiful resort located on the northeastern coast of the island, 20 km from Corfu Town. It has stunning views of the Ionian Sea and is surrounded by lush green hills. Barbati’s long sandy and pebble beach with crystal clear water is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. The resort offers a variety of restaurants, tavernas, bars, beach bars, and shops. Visitors can also explore nearby villages, go on scenic hikes, or take a boat ride to nearby islands. With its natural beauty and warm hospitality, Barbati is an ideal destination for a relaxing and memorable vacation.

Where to stay in Barbati, Corfu Island

While Barbati doesn’t have any well-known and popular hotels, there are plenty of villas, vacation homes, and apartments available for rent. Experience the true essence of this resort town by choosing from our selection of comfortable accommodations.

Kalami, Corfu Island

Kalami Beach Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
The beach of Kalami and the White House of Lawrence Durrell, Corfu Island

Kalami is a picturesque seaside village located on the northeast coast of Corfu. It is well-known as the place where the British author Lawrence Durrell lived for a period, and where he wrote his book “Prospero’s Cell”, which is about his time in Corfu.

Today, Kalami is a popular tourist destination, with several hotels and resorts offering accommodation to visitors. The resort of Kalami is particularly popular with families and couples, who come to enjoy the beautiful beaches, clear waters, and stunning scenery of the area. There are several charming tavernas and restaurants where you can sample traditional Greek cuisine, as well as a range of shops and other amenities. There are also some historic sites and cultural attractions in the surrounding area, such as the nearby monastery of Pantokrator, which is well worth a visit.

Kassiopi, Corfu Island

Kassiopi Beach Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
One of the beaches in Kassiopi area, Corfu Island

The charming village of Kassiopi, nestled on the northern edge of Corfu, 35 km from Corfu town, is a very popular destination. Once a traditional fishing village, Kassiopi has gradually evolved into a small cosmopolitan town with many upscale apartments, luxury villas as well as budget rooms and studios. The village offers souvenir shops, supermarkets, car rental services, picturesque beach areas, many restaurants, taverns, and a relaxed nightlife – ideal for those who enjoy sipping cocktails accompanied by soothing background music.

Kassiopi is surrounded by green scenery and has three beautiful beaches. The first, located on the left side of town, is a spacious rocky bay with beach umbrellas, sunbeds, and water sports activities. The other two beaches are just behind the cape, smaller than the first, but with more picturesque surroundings. The largest of these is close to the village and offers a range of tourist amenities throughout the day.

Visitors often enjoy exploring the impressive Kassiopi Castle (or Fortress), built during the Byzantine era as part of a defensive triangle with the Gardiki Castle and Angelokastro. The castle is conveniently located just a few yards from Kassiopi’s Old Port, which offers boat tours and rentals, and overlooks Saranda Beach in neighboring Albania.

Acharavi, Almyros and Roda, Corfu Island

Acharavi Beach Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
The beach of Acharavi, Corfu Island

Acharavi is located in the northern part of Corfu Island, about 40 km from the city of Kerkyra. This small town is ideal for a relaxing vacation, especially for families with children.

Its main feature is the impressive 7 km long beach. The sea here is warmer than on the west coast of Corfu. The beach is mostly sandy with some pebbles right at the water’s edge. Despite this, the seabed is sandy throughout and the entrance to the water is gradual, making it an ideal place for swimming, especially with children. The beach of Acharavi is fully equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, beach bars, and showers. Acharavi has a well-developed infrastructure, including hotels, apartments, restaurants, the Hydropolis water park, supermarkets, souvenir shops, as well as branches of banks and pharmacies.

Acharavi beach gradually turns into a sandy beach of Roda, where there are no waves even in windy weather. In addition, the Acharavi area also includes the long sandy beach of Almyros, which is 2 km away.

Where to stay in Acharavi, Roda and Almyros, Corfu Island

Discover an exquisite retreat on the shores of Acharavi and Almiros for an unforgettable resort experience. Our handpicked hotels, nestled along the coastline, boast captivating views and exclusive grounds, providing a haven of serenity for your indulgent stay.

Paleokastritsa, Corfu Island

Paleokastritsa Beach Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
Agios Spiridon Beach, Paleokastritsa, Corfu Island

Paleokastritsa, located on the western coast of the island, 25 km from Corfu Town, is one of the most beautiful and popular beach destinations in the Ionian Sea. Renowned for its breathtaking scenery and crystal-clear turquoise waters, Paleokastritsa captivates visitors with its lush green hillsides and a coastline adorned with enchanting coves and caves. The picturesque landscape is further enhanced by the presence of olive groves, contributing to the region’s undeniable charm.

The picturesque area consists of six sand-and-pebble-filled seashores, all of which are surrounded by gorgeous olive trees. The main beach, Agios Spiridon, features a U-shaped shore with teal waters. Additionally, there are numerous secluded rocky coves, making it a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts.
Furthermore, there are many nearby caves that you can visit by renting a boat.

Where to stay in Paleokastritsa, Corfu Island

Explore a comfortable stay in Paleokastritsa with our recommended hotels. Note that most of the accommodations in this charming town are perched on the hills, offering breathtaking views. While enjoying your stay, keep in mind that a downhill walk is required to reach the beach from these delightful retreats.

Bella Vista, Corfu Island

The best places to visit in Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
The view from Bella Vista to Paleokastritsa bays, Corfu Island

Bella Vista is one of the top 10 views in Europe. It is located near the village of Lakones and is famous for its panoramic view of the sea, the bays of Paleokastritsa, and the entire coastline of the island. As you drive up the road from Paleokastritsa to Lakones, you will have a magnificent view of the sea. But the absolute best place to enjoy the view is just after Lakones, towards the villages of Makrades and Krini. Along this scenic route, you’ll come across several restaurants, cafes, and pastry shops with open-air balconies where you can enjoy a drink or a meal while taking incredible photos.

Korission Lagoon and Halikounas Beach, Corfu Island

The best places to visit Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
Flamingoes in the Lagoon of Korission, Corfu Island

Korission Lagoon is situated on the southwest coast of Corfu and stands out as the largest lagoon on the island. Beyond its picturesque scenery, this area forms a diverse ecosystem with a variety of plants and animals. Designated as part of the Natura 2000 Network, it enjoys protection under an international treaty. Chalikounas, a vast sandy beach, serves as a natural barrier between the lake and the sea, providing a stunning backdrop of lush greenery.

Benitses, Corfu Island

Benitses Beach Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
The village and the beach of Benitses, Corfu Island

Benitses is a small beautiful village on the east coast of Corfu, only 15 km from Corfu town. About 50 years ago the village was one of the first tourist resorts on the island. It is one of the few villages that has retained its traditional Greek charm, with old buildings and fishermen working their nets in the small port. Adults and children will be interested in the Sea Shell Museum of Corfu, which houses a huge private collection of sea shells, as well as starfish, sharks, crustaceans, and fish.

When it comes to beaches, Benitses has a bit of everything – sandy stretches, and rocky shores. The larger beach is central and offers water sports and even small boats for rent. But if you’re looking for a more private and quiet beach experience, the smaller ones are your best bet. The sea is stunning and gets deep pretty quickly.

When the sun goes down, you’ll have many options. There are several local restaurants where you can eat and a few pubs where you can have a drink after dinner. However, if you’re in the mood to dance until dawn, Benitses may not be the place for you.

Where to stay in Benitses, Corfu Island

Discover a cozy stay in Benitses with our suggested hotels. Most of the lodgings in this delightful village are situated on the hills, providing stunning views. Keep in mind, that a downhill stroll is necessary to access the beach:

Villas and apartments for rent in Corfu

The island of Corfu is a unique destination that provides many opportunities for summer vacations. We offer a wide selection of luxury villas, cozy vacation homes, and apartments in Corfu.

Book a villa now for a vacation in Corfu in 2024. Remember that booking in advance allows you to choose a property according to your specific requirements, such as a beachfront or private pool. You can also find early booking offers and discounts that could bring down the price of your vacation.

Book a hotel to stay on Corfu Island

In case you prefer to stay in a hotel, then choose the best option in Corfu using the map below. If you need some advice, just ask us!


How to get to Corfu Island

Flight to Corfu Airport

To get to Corfu you should take a flight from your country or Athens to Corfu International Airport (IATA code CFU). The airport of Corfu is called Ioannis Kapodistrias and is located 2 km from the capital of the island and 3 km from the port. To find the air tickets to Corfu we suggest you use the online service AVIASALES. It is one of the largest online search engines for flights all over the world. This service helps to compare airfares from many airlines, travel agencies, and systems, and book the cheapest tickets available.

Ferry from Igoumenitsa Port to Corfu Island

You can get to Corfu by ferry from Igoumenitsa port in northwestern Greece, Epirus region. Ferries to Corfu depart a few times per day all year round. The trip takes about 1 hour. You can get to Igoumenitsa from Athens in 5-6 hours by car or bus, as well as from Thessaloniki in 3-4 hours by car or bus.

Check the schedule and buy your ferry tickets here:

Please note that you can buy ferry tickets from Corfu to Igoumenitsa online with a 50% discount.

Ferry from Italy to Corfu Island

Ferry boats connect Italy with Corfu Island. Ferries depart from Ancona and Venice to Corfu island usually in the summer. All year round the ferries from Italy sail to the port of Igoumenitsa. Check the schedule and buy your ferry tickets here:

Corfu Airport or Port transfers

Arriving in another country, it is important to see a person, who is waiting especially for you upon arrival at the Corfu airport. It gives you confidence that you will reach your destination, avoiding all troubles, long waits in the taxi queue, and possible overcharges. Our prices for transfers in Corfu include all fares, VAT, and any lawful charge; therefore, you know that what you pay is the final price for your transfer. Comfort and safety will be provided, which is especially important if you are traveling with children. That’s why we offer transfer services with professional drivers and a modern car fleet. All cars and minivans are equipped with air conditioning and drinking water.

Corfu car rental

During your holidays in Corfu, you can hire a car from the Corfu airport, from Corfu port, or your Villa or Hotel. To find the perfect car for your trip, we recommend checking DISCOVER CARS. It is a leader in online car rental reservations. It compares car rental deals from many companies so that you can choose which is best for your trip. Many other websites hide fees and extra costs from you. Discover Cars service includes all mandatory fees, taxes, and extras in the quoted price so there won’t be any surprises when you arrive at the rental desk.

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The best places to visit in Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
The best places to visit in Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays
Villa rentals - Corfu Greece - My Greek Holidays

Please note that this small guide to the best places to visit in Corfu contains some affiliate links. This means that we may receive a small commission to help us maintain this site at no additional cost to you. We only recommend services and products that we use and find helpful.

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