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Vourvourou Sithonia Halkidiki: a Paradise for Nature Lovers

19/09/2020 by tech support

If you dream of a tranquil retreat surrounded by stunning nature, pristine beaches, and crystal-clear waters, Vourvourou on the Sithonia Peninsula in Halkidiki is the perfect destination for your next vacation. Vourvourou is not just a resort village; it is a hidden gem of Greece where every corner is infused with a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere.

Vourvourou Sithonia Halkidiki - Вурвуру Ситония Халкидики - My Greek Holidays
Wild beach in Vourvourou area, Sithonia, Halkidiki

The best beaches of Vourvourou, Sithonia

Vourvourou is surrounded by dense forests and picturesque hills, creating ideal conditions for hiking and outdoor activities. The main attraction of this region is its unique coastline, composed of numerous small coves and islets. One of the most popular islands is Diaporos, attracting yachting enthusiasts and boaters with its secluded beaches and transparent waters.

Vourvourou is renowned for its magnificent beaches with white sand and turquoise waters. Here are a few beaches that you must visit:

  • Karydi Beach: This beach draws tourists with its fine sand, crystal-clear water, and pines that almost reach the sea. Karidi is perfect for family vacations due to its shallow areas.
Vourvourou Sithonia Halkidiki - Вурвуру Ситония Халкидики - My Greek Holidays
Karidi Beach, Sithonia, Halkidiki
  • Fava Beach: Secluded paradise known for its golden sand, turquase sea, and tranquil atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful and picturesque retreat.
Vourvourou Sithonia Halkidiki - Вурвуру Ситония Халкидики - My Greek Holidays
Fava Beach, Sithonia, Halikidiki

If you like mountains and hiking then take a walk on the green paths of Mount Itamos, which stretch over the Vourvourou, and enjoy the picturesque views of the Aegean Sea and Mount Athos.

Diaporos Island, Sithonia, Halkidiki

Vourvourou Sithonia Halkidiki - Вурвуру Ситония Халкидики - My Greek Holidays
Islets in the middle of the Vourvorou Bay, Sithonia

The Vourvourou Bay boasts a chain of nine tiny islets, with Diaporos being the only inhabited one. Nestled in the heart of the bay, Diaporos Island is a pristine paradise offering tranquility, natural beauty, and exclusive luxury. This hidden gem is an ideal destination for those seeking a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Mirsini Beach Diasporos
Mirsini beach on the Diasporos Island, Sithonia, Halkidiki

The jewel of the Diasporos Island is Mirsini Beach, also known as White Beach or Hawaii, owing to its pristine white sand and azure waters.

Vourvourou boats
Motorboats for rent, Vourvourou

From Vourvourou, you can rent a motorboat and explore the Vourvourou Gulf and Diaporos Island. The area is dotted with beautiful sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, providing a wonderful all-day experience. The cost of renting a boat starts at €60 per day, plus the cost of gasoline. No license is required.

Blue Lagoon, Vourvourou, Sithonia

Halkidiki Blue Lagoon
Famous Blue Lagoon, Vourvourou Bay

The Blue Lagoon, located between the islands of Diaporos and St. Isidore, is famous for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and rich marine life, making it a popular spot for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Accessible by boat, the lagoon is surrounded by lush vegetation and scenic landscapes. Efforts to preserve its natural beauty encourage visitors to respect the environment.

Taverns and shops in Vourvourou

Vourvourou taverns

Vourvourou is a peaceful place without wild parties and nightlife, so there are many families with children. Despite the fact that it is a quiet place, the infrastructure here is well developed.  In Vourvourou you’ll find everything that you need during your vacation, as there are pizzerias, taverns, restaurants, beach bars, car and boat rentals, supermarkets, and souvenir shops. Fresh fish can be bought from fishermen as well as from a minibus seller who comes almost every day. You can also buy local olive oil, olives, honey, and wine.

Rental villas and apartments in Vourvourou

Vourvourou Sithonia Halkidiki - Вурвуру Ситония Халкидики - My Greek Holidays
Luxury Beachfront Villa in Diaporos Island, Sithonia, Halkidiki

Vourvourou offers a limited number of hotels but boasts a wide array of villas, holiday houses, and apartments with stunning views of the bay. For those seeking greater privacy and comfort, several luxurious villas are available on Diaporos Island. We will be delighted to help you find the perfect accommodation for your stay.

How to get to Vourvourou

Flight to Thessaloniki

To get to Vourvourou you should take a flight from your country to Thessaloniki International Airport. The “Macedonia” Airport (IATA code: SKG) serves international and domestic flights and is located 15 km from the city center. We usually purchase airline tickets on the AVIASALES website which is one of the largest online search engines for flights all over the world. This service helps to compare airfares from hundreds of airlines and dozens of travel agencies and systems and book the cheapest tickets available.

VIP services at Thessaloniki Airport

We’re here to make your journey through Thessaloniki Airport as smooth and comfortable as possible! Let us take care of all the details for your arrival, departure, and any transit needs with VIP concierge services.

Vourvourou is located 105 km away from Thessaloniki airport. You can book a comfortable transfer with an experienced driver from us, or rent a car directly at Thessaloniki Airport.

Transfer from Thessaloniki Airport to Vourvourou

Whether you are arriving in the country for the first time or not, it is important to have someone waiting for you at the airport. It gives you the confidence that you will reach your destination, avoiding any inconvenience, long waits in taxi queues, and possible overcharging. Our prices include all fares, VAT, and all legal fees, so you know that what you pay is the final price for your transfer. Comfort and safety are guaranteed, which is especially important if you are traveling with children. We offer transfer services with professional drivers and a modern fleet. All cars and minivans are new and equipped with air conditioning.

Rent-a-car from Thessaloniki Airport

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